Reinventing the World of Structured Notes

The road to a new financial digital transformation

ASN founder's long experience in this market makes ASN recognize the difficulties that arise in managing Structured Notes. From design to settlement, through the selling process and addressing them.

At ASN, we have developed a unique and state-of-the-art platform that eases the purchase and management of Structured Notes.

ASN wants to transform the Structured Notes market by using technology to create a new digital value chain that allows all commercial providers to directly buy, settle and manage these products through a digital tool. Our innovative platform has been designed to help strengthen the Structured Notes business.



Democratizing Structured Notes

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Our Story

A team with more than 55 years of experience

Our Story

After working for more than 55 years in the Investment Banking Industry, we realized that one of the most attractive financial products, the so-called Structured Notes, were in the same situation as the Fund Industry 55 years ago. They were only accessible to wealthy investors through a very archaic and inefficient market.

Moreover, thanks to the experience of the ASN Senior team, we also realized that making this product accessible was just the first step to democratizing the Structured Notes business. Thus, the process of executing, settling, and managing Structured Notes successfully is even more complicated than having access to this product.

We decided to change this through technology, and we created AllStructuredNotes in February 2021 to bring all investors this fantastic product and transform heroes into frequent investors.